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September 14, 2006

Hello everyone this is Mili.

I personally wanted to tell you that things are moving forward fast so I thought I should bring you up to speed to what’s happening. The album is complete and it will be released in early spring of 2007. It is heavier and harder than the old SteelHeart, a new vision. This album cranks!!!!!!! We will release three songs before Christmas so everyone can get a taste of what’s to come. I am happy to announce that I will be performing some dates in The US starting in Florida on November 3rd, just to get my feet wet and rock the F#$*ck’n house. Please check the site for dates this week.

I am also proud to say that Chris Risola will be joining me as my right hand Lead guitar gun slinger. As you all know, Chris is an amazing guitar player; I thought it would be great to have him with me on this new journey. Welcome aboard Chris!! We will be performing some old nasty SteelHeart as well as some songs from the movie “Rock Star” and then some songs from the new album. It will be a show not to miss.

The live SteelHeart DVD is complete and it will be released in Europe, October 2006 through SteelHeart Records LLC, Fallen Sky Records and distributed by Cargo. For everyone who would like to purchase the DVD before the US release you may do so in November 2006 at the SteelHeart store. We are anticipating a US release early next year.

SteelHeart Records has also entered into a new merchandising deal with Balzout and BioWorld, two leading manufacturers of the Heavy Metal/Rock merchandising. They support everyone from Led Zeppelin to Pantera, Megadeath just to name a few. In the near future you will be able to purchase SteelHeart swag across, Tower Records, Music land stores, Spencer’s, Kohl’s, Target, FYE. SteelHeart Records would like to thank licensing agent Jim Paidas of “Paidas Management” for his hard work in making this deal come together. The project is called “Rockstalgia”, you may get more information at or at the website. This project is growing rapidly so please keep checking the site for news.

I will also post a new logo and snippets of the new album shortly. Take Care, I look forward to see you all live!!!!!!!!! Mili

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