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September 30, 2006

Lizzy Borden is working on a new record and is looking to re-create the Lizzy Borden Logo to fit with the new concept.

The logo shape has not changed very much over the years, but the inside of the logo has gone from red with blades (Give ’em the Axe) to a hypnotizing green (Visual Lies) to the American flag with exposed bones (The Murderess metal roadshow) and then finally on a contract signed by the horned one himself (Deal with the Devil).

With Every record we try and make the logo fit the concept. The concept for the new record is very dark and ominous and we need the Logo to reflect that.

We’ve seen some amazing art work on myspace and other places on the net and would love to find that artist who understands Lizzy Borden and be the one to pen the logo for the forthcoming Lizzy Borden record.

All those interested please feel free to submit your ideas to:

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