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October 1, 2006

The Eddie Van Halen party was the topic of Tony Batman’s conversation on KSEX Friday night. Batman announced that he was escorting Sunny Lane to the party which was held last night at Van Halen’s home.

“And I know they’re going to let me do a little filming there,” he said. “I will have clips for all the cool KSEX people when we get back.” KSEX guest for the evening Rebecca Steel said she was going to the party and Batman asked her how she managed to wrangle an invite. Steel said she wasn’t telling and Batman asked if she heard about “the secret bus ride” to the party. Steel had a date for the party but said she wasn’t strapping herself to any guy.

Photographer Chris King, who was also a guest on the show, mentioned that he shot the movie, Sacred Sin.

“It was fucking great because Eddie Van Halen comes up to me and goes, ‘Dude, are you talent?’ I’m, like, not unless we’re shooting at a truck stop.

“I’m like, you’re Eddie Van Halen- what does that mean?”

King said everyone wanted a piece of Van Halen during the shooting of the show.

“They’re, like, dude, dude- I’m, like, he’s just a dude. He’s, like, Beethoven, still. The man’s a genius. Musically, he’s God. It’s insane.”

Batman heard that Van Halen would be playing at the party.

“I found out that he’s going to get a band of his friends and he’s going to play also,” Batman said.

“He’s got his brother coming in on skins,” King added. “And Billy Idol.” Batman said Idol was going to play and there was going to be a dinner.

“This is going to the shit,” Batman continued.

“There’s going to be flame dancers- I don’t know what that means,” King further added.

Batman said while he wasn’t involved in the movie he used his KSEX credentials to gain access to the party. King said that was one of the greatest projects he’s ever had the opportunity working on.

“Working with Michael Ninn has been the coolest thing I’ve ever done in this business,” said King.

“He’s like a God for his type of movies,” Batman commented.

“He’s down to earth, really cool, extremely creative,” King chimed in. “He understands the whole creative process and puts 100% in and adds another 100% to it. The magic that comes out of his sets is pure genius.”

Steel was asked if she worked with any really great directors. Steel said she’s worked with Zupko and that he puts cool things together.

Steel recalled doing a shoot for Zupko where she dipped her face in a bowl of cum.

“It was hot.”

Batman suspected that there might be an orgy at the party.

“They have planned events,” he related. “There’s a lot of girls- how can I say this politely? Hired to come to the party alone.”

King said he talked to the PM and there were 60 such girls on the roster that were being bussed in.

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