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October 4, 2006

Zan Clan are back to kick your ass even harder than before with a new, improved line-up.

The Clan’s ongoing world conquering began with 2005’s internationally acclaimed debut album “We are Zan Clan, Who The Fuck Are You”. While the critics raved, the album was followed by touring that also resulted by the exctatically-received live album “…Kickz The Livin Shit Outta Stockholm City”.

Since then, the band has gone through some necessary changes. They are now back with full force, stronger than ever.With the mean and lean new line-up up and running, a new studio album is in the making. 13 new kick-ass tracks have been written so far, and the creative juices are flowing like never before.Recording will commence in November, and the album will hit the stores in the spring of 2007.

Zan Clan proudly announce the new and improved line-up:

Zinny J. Zan: vox
Chris Laney: Guitars, Vox
J. Koleberg: Drums
Grizzly: Bass, Vox
Rob Love; Guitars, Vox

Grizzly, an experienced and sought-after session musician, is a long time friend of the band.Rob is an unknown name in the music biz. Only 20 years old, he’s a bit younger than the rest of the band. However, Zinny Zan has always been known for only playing with guitar heroes, and this is certainly not about to change now.Laney Says: “Rob is one of the best guitarists I have ever heard – and I have heard quite a few… rest assured that he is destined to become a Guitar God.”

So brace yourselves for the rock’n’roll messiahs!!

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