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November 10, 2006

Platinum recording artist WINGER is releasing their first album in over a decade. The founding members of WINGER, Kip Winger (bass/vocals), Reb Beach (guitar), Rod Morgenstein (drums), have reunited for their forth record, which is touted as their finest album ever. WINGER is joined John Roth (guitars/vocals) a WINGER member since 1993’s “PULL” album and new comer Cenk Eroglu (keyboards/vocals).

Being the first WINGER album in 14 years it’s not what you would expect. “The new WINGER album” explains Kip, “starts where “Pull” left off and moves into new directions. It mixes some classic Hard Rock like VAN HALEN and early WINGER style, progressive and acoustic elements that may resemble GENESIS, MOTT THE HOOPLE or KING CRIMSON”.

The album artwork is handled by Ethan Van Sciver – a renowned DC Comic book artist and penciler who has contributed (among others) to Cyberfrog, New X-Men, The Flash: Iron Heights and Impulse. The album art depicts our Militaries finest protecting with guardian angels that are representative of our prayers we send.

Currently, the band just returned form a highly successful European tour in October 06 in support of the European release and now WINGER is gearing up for a full blown USA Tour in early 2007 in support of the new Album.

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