News Segment


November 16, 2006

Drummer Matt Sorum posted the following at his website:

Hello All, Very good news to report.

Have offically started preproduction with Producer Brendan OBrien. Who has produced many Hit records.Ala, Incubus, STP , Pearl Jam and The Boss Bruce Springsteen. Things are moving quick now. And we are all very excited. Rome was not built in a day so I believe everyoneWill be very happy when its finished.

A lot of bandmate BDAYsThis month. Scott, Dave’s is todayAnd mine on Sunday the 19th.Would love to thank Sammy, Jul, Chrissie and Tanja for the sweet Birthday card.

Anyway off to rehearsal now, then a gig tonight with Camp Freddy. Hope everyone is healthy and having fun out there.

Love to U all!!!!!

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