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November 17, 2006

It can’t be easy to encourage a gaggle of third-graders to engage in bloodthirsty acts on a soccer pitch, so we understand why the coach of a British under-10 squad would turn to Motorhead — rock’s answer to motivational kingpin Tony Roberts — for a bit of help.

Gary Weight, the man in charge of a team in North Hykeham , contacted old acquaintance Lemmy to ask if he and the band would be interested in a bit of sponsorship action. Since Mr. Kilmister is no stranger to bending it like Beckham — providing “it” is a can of extra-strength lager, that is — he readily agreed to let the tots sport jerseys with the Motorhead logo, an appropriately evil looking skull that goes by the name of Snaggletooth.

In addition to the snazzy threads, Lemmy and company gave Weight full run of their catalog of inspirational verses, from which he’s set to cull some potential fight songs. What could be cuter than a group of pre-pubescents singing their little hearts out on a rousing version of ‘Orgasmatron’?

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