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November 20, 2006

HOLLYWOOD ( November 20, 2006) – INTO THE BLACK reflects the guitar style’s that has defined his career as a virtuoso. “With the exception of my last album GET UP a lot of my records have been a bit all over the map style-wise and on this cd I wanted to sort of pull it all together,” states Kotzen. “I wanted to make a cd that really defined who I am as a solo artist and I think I finally did it on this one.”

INTO THE BLACK is an absorbing collective blend of Kotzen’s musical influences and diversity. He decided to write more rock based music with R&B undertones than metal. “Growing up outside Philadelphia and listening to those old soul stations I ended up with that sound being a heavy influence in my writing even though the core of what I do is rock,” explains Kotzen.

The guitar virtuoso burst onto the heavy metal scene as a teenager with a lightning-fast guitar techniques. With his talents Kotzen has played with some of the best musicians; securing such major collaboration with the band Mr. Big and renowned jazz great Stanley Clarke as well as his own solo projects. “I have been lucky in the sense that I have been able to play with guys who I could learn from. The biggest musical lesson for me was playing in a band with Stanley Clarke and Lenny white. Obviously these guys are jazz musicians and I am not, but I learned so much from the time we recorded and toured together. My favorite rock bassist is Billy Sheehan and we were in Mr. Big together for 3 years which was awesome.

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