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November 26, 2006

Well Howdy Folks !

After 5 weeks across the pond , we have returned ! And what a five weeks they were . For those who didn’t know we went to Seattle to record our second album with legendary ROCK producer Kurt Bloch and this is how it went ! After a 27 hour door to door trip we land in Seatac airport and get to meet Kurt for the first time .It becomes instantly clear that we are gonna get on just great and decide to head to a bar just a few doors down from our hotel . Ahh, The Mecca Bar ! Now this place will figure a lot in our lives for the next few weeks all i can say about it is if your ever in Lower Queen Anne , Seattle get your ass down to this bar ! You will not be disappointed ! Anyway after a few beers plans are made to meet tomorrow so we can play Kurt the new songs .

The next few days are spent goin’ through the tunes with Kurt and getting our heads around the trip and our new hunting ground . The first thing you notice about being in Seattle is how friendly people are ! At first we found it quite alarming , everybody was so nice ! “What are they after ? “we thought , but soon realized it was genuine and then we all lapped up their warm hospitality (usually in The Mecca Bar !)

Recording started at Lithos Studios (owned by a couple of dudes in Pearl Jam) starting with laying down the basic backing tracks . It was a breeze , Kurt was so cool and relaxed that the tunes were just flying out it was soooooo easy .The only things we stopped for were Veggie and Fish Tacos and the odd beer (Ahem) .We had a week to track and had the weekend off before we moved to another studios to do overdubs and stuff . Now our first weekend off was a whole trip in itself. Our great friends Nashville Pussy were in town to play on the Friday night so we went down to see the show . Not only were the mighty Pussy playing but first on was Mark from Zeke’s new band AND Canadian rockers Priestess were middle ! The show was great and we got to sing “You Shook Me all Night Long” with The Pussy and Mickey from Priestess on guitar as well . It was a great night and i can safely say that i cant remember anything about the rest of the weekend !(Nashville Pussy stayed in Seattle until Sunday!!!!!!) .

The following Monday was tough and everybody was a bit green around the gills but we moved to Cromar Studios and continued to lay down the righteous Rock and Roll ! The songs continued to come together thick and most definately fast ,before we knew it we had 15 songs in the bag with a few surprises thrown in !

The next step was to relocate to Avast studios for the mix . This meant we could sit back and listen to the fruits of our intensive labourings and boy did they taste good ! Kurt worked his magic and the shit was down and done !! Our time in Seattle was nearly over but we were gonna head out in style .Kurt had set up a show for us at The Sunset Tavern on the 4oclock Rock slot . It was a great afternoon of rock ! Thanks to Zero Down for the lend of the gear and it was great to hook up with all our friends ! Dan ,Lenny , Ivan ,Floyd,cam Jonesey and Jen ! (thanks for keeping the drinks flowing ) and everybody else (sorry if i’ve left you off !) for making our trip so KICK ASS . It was fitting our last night in Seattle consisted of a great Mexican meal with Kurt and then a few drinks in the Mecca Bar ! Goodnight Seattle !

Part 2″ The trip to New York” coming soon

Steve Lomax

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