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December 7, 2006

It’s been a long time since our last studio disc “Scars-n-Bars” came out, and it’s time to unleash a disc of all new material on you. We go into John Schwab Recording with our good friend Joe Viers at the helm yet again in January to start the damn thing.

The title of this bad-boy is “Hard”, and the songs are guaranteed to take the chrome off a trailer hitch! Some of the song titles are: “Magnificent Bastard”, “No Pity”, “Rock-n-Roll Dog”, “Beaten, Broken, Etc.” and “Long Time Comin”. And We Couldn’t release an American Dog cd be without one of our Tender Ballads could we? So, the “Love Song” for this cd will be “Sometimes You Eat the Pussy (Sometimes the Pussy Eats You)”!!!!

We’ll be recording Thirteen Songs, and we already have a packaging design that will top the original “Six Pack”! We’ll give you more info on release dates when we get ’em,……..and Oh Yeah! We’ll be in Belgium , France and Spain this Spring (“Hard” On-Tour!!!!).

Stay Tuned……More info Coming Soon.

American Dog - Hard

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