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December 14, 2006

Let us begin by announcing the good news if you have not already heard the buzz! After a ton of hard work writing and recording for two years, our new CD is finally out! We’re very proud of this work and we all feel this is the best music we’ve ever had the pleasure to be part of. Jimmy Chalfant recently stated that he feels the music on this album is as good as, and it sounds as good as any KIX album! You can go hear clips on our page, listen to entire songs on our main site as well as listen to even more tracks on our MySpace site. Trust us, this music doesn’t suck, it totally friggin’ rocks!

Another interesting item to wet your appetite for some good solid rock, this album was mixed by none other than mega-platinum hard rock producer Beau Hill, whose credits include Ratt, Warrant, Winger and Alice Cooper just for starters. He also produced an album called Midnite Dynamite by a little ol’ band called KIX!

Stick It! has been out a little over a week and is already getting great reviews – check the bottom of our page (we tried to tell our moms not to write the first reviews, but you know how moms are!) It also got a 9 out of 10 rating on the killer rock-buzz site We’re the number six top selling CD this week on – help us take that top spot!

Just in time for the Holidays, offers 40% off if you buy two copies of Stick It! – so get one for yourself and get one for a friend for Christmas! (or whatever your holiday is – just get two for cheap – you get the point) And if you’re not interested, and oh by gosh by golly, how can you not be? Please do us a favor, forward this email to a friend or five or six who might love this CD – we’d very much appreciate it!

Listen and REQUEST!! On the internet on, and if you have Sirius listen and request us on Hair Nation and if you’re an XM kinda person, listen and request us on the Boneyard. Also if you have a regular old radio like we do, listen in MD on 97.3 WQCM, in PA listen on 105.7 The X and 93.5 WTPA. In south Florida tune in to 96.1 K-ROCK and in coastal North Carolina and southern Virginia, tune in to 95.3 The Rock – lets get some web requests in! Even if you don’t live in any of those places, nobody will know! Just make something up!! We’d love ya for it!

We can’t wait for you to hear it!


12/16/06 York, PA – CD Release Party!! Fat Daddy’s
12/22/06 Dundalk, MD – CD Release Party!! Presented by!! The Zu
12/31/06 Boonsboro, MD – CD Release Party and welcome in 2007! Presented by 94.3 WQCM Stinger’s
01/26/07 Martinsburg, WV The 19th Hole
02/03/07 Manchester, MD 2 Doors Down
02/10/07 Liverpool, PA Sorb’s Place
02/17/07 Chambersburg, PA The Orchard Ballroom
02/24/07 York, PA Fat Daddy’s
03/03/07 Fort Ashby, WV The Road House
03/17/03 Philadelphia, PA Grape Street
03/30/07 Springfield, VA JAXX

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