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December 21, 2006

Despite reports doing the internet rounds, AC/DC do not have a new record titled ‘Strap It On’ coming in 2007, nor are they anywhere near completing the new record.

AC/DC fan sites and forums have been buzzing with the news of the new album title but according to Albert Music boss Fifa Riccobono, the rumours aren’t on the money.

“I ran that past Mal (Young) some time ago and he said it was the first he’d heard of it, so I guess the answer no” she tells Undercover News. “Also, there definitely is no release date scheduled as the album hasn’t been recorded yet.”

While fans may have to wait that little bit longer for new music from Acca Dacca, the Australian indie chart is plastered with classic AC/DC albums this week.

According to, AC/DC are back in the Australian indie chart with:

10. High Voltage
14. Who Made Who
17. Blow Up Your Video
18. Live

AC/DC fans can also look forward to a new book in January. Sydney journo Murray Engelheart’s ‘AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll’ will be released in the USA on January 2nd.

Engelheart wrote the ultimate AC/DC history based on 1500 hours of interviews conducted over a decade and a half. The book is then the culmination of 5 years work between Engelheart and co-author Arnaud Durieux.

The book was released in Australia in October through Harper Collins.

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