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January 7, 2007

LNJ Jan. 07′ update (more singers and songs):

Hey Guys and Girls,

Hope you had a great Holiday Season and praying you guys have an even better 2007! Before we get into the update I just wanted to say “thankyou” to everyone for their prayers and emails concerning the accident I was in on Dec 21st. I am doing fine now. The staples were removed on New Year’s Eve and my vision is fine now. Looking at the pictures (I will post soon on my website) it looks like we should have been hurt a lot worse than we were and I’m grateful for God’s hand of protection on my life. It really strikesa reality check into your own mortality. I am very proud of the reviews and websites that have recognized “Soundtrack Of A Soul” as one of the better releases of 2006. For me and what I have been through in my musical career, it is a real eye opening, humbling experience and I want to publicly thank Mr. Mike Layne ( the producer) for all his hard work in letting my vision become a reality. And just wait until you guys hear “Independence Day”!!! It’s going to blow you away…. it is really coming together nicely!

For Liberty N’ Justice’s seventh studio album we have decided to do a full production acoustic rock record. “Independence Day” will be released mid 07′ and we have already announced five songs and there singers….. Jack Russell (Great White), Jamie Rowe (Guardian), Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge), David Raymond Reeves (Neon Cross), and Mark and Shannon Hovland (Hovland) . At this time we are”Warranted” to inform you of the next two singers and there songs. On the track “Addiction” is Jani Lane and on the song “Bullet, Train, Breakdown” is Jamie St. James (current lead singer of Warrant/ Black N’ Blue). This song also features Jerry Dixon of Warrant on bass. Both songs were written by Justin Murr and Mike Layne. On Wed. Jan. 10th go to our myspace page at and check out the tunes and go to our message board at and let us know what you think!

Sorry So Long This Month…..Until Next Month…….


P.S. My in-laws got me an acoustic bass for Christmas, wonder what I am going to do with this?

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