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January 11, 2007

Drawing from a diverse range of hard rock and heavy metal influences, bassist/vocalist Victor Langen (Kick Axe, Pasha/CBS), lead vocalist/guitarist Daniel Nargang (Into Eternity, Century Media), guitarist/madman Cole Stevens (Wrathchild, Canadian Independent), and drummer/percussionist Johnny Bland (Love Hunter, Bob Rock produced material) banded together in May of 2005 to begin writing and rehearsing new material that would define the SNAKE EYES SEVEN sound. Wanting something fresh and uncompromising, yet dark and powerful, the band put their collective talents together to deliver an unheralded style of music.

CHAVIS RECORDS is pleased to announce the unveiling of the SNAKE EYES SEVEN debut.

Snake Eyes Seven

Track listing: Hell or High Water, Comin’ Down, Love for a Moment, Bitter Pill, Be Leaving, Bullets & Booze, Breakdown, Devil with a Rosary, You’re to Blame, Photos of th’ Dead

Listen to Hell or High Water by clicking here

SNAKE EYES SEVEN is currently in talks with promoters for Ozzfest and Jagermeister to prepare plans for a worldwide tour in support of the release. A new website for the band is under construction. Look for the release in stores in the Spring of 2007.

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