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January 16, 2007

Yo all you Meldrum Heads!Christmas is over, we are all a little overfed but hopefully you all had some well needed rest and family gatherings…Now it’s a new rocking year. 2007!!!!!!

We are back from another extraordinary Motorhead tour, this time in Germany.Like always its been a true pleasure !!!! Thank you Lemmy, Mikkey and Phil for having us, you’re truly one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands out there.Also a big thank you to Roger for being our daddy and bossing us around and Tim, Arnie, Joe and Will who did our lights and sound.Matt and Ritchie for making such goddman good food….bastards!!!And the rest of the motley crew for making us feel so welcomed…and to the crazy norweigans in We, rocker fett!!!Of course our own man whores, our two sexy slaves, Kent and Per for helping us, it was a lot of shit guys but you managed to sort it out!!!!!!!! Check out or tour diary on myspace.

Right now we are doing the last touch ups and mixing the new Meldrum album due out in April 2007.Goddman its gonna be beyond killer, it was all worth waiting for…have all your eyes and ears open for more Meldrum news.

MELDRUM is honored to be performing at The Black Tooth Bash (tribute to Dimebag) at Hilton Pacific BallroomJanuary 20th At 8 pm – 8:45.This is a tribute to Dimebag and sponsored by Coffin Case, GHS, EMG, SAMSON, DUNLOP and many others to be announced in official press release.The night will include Coffin case fashion show, and The BLACK TOOTH BAND WITH VERY SPECIAL GUESTS TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!

MELDRUM will be appearing with monster drummer Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad) !!! Don’t miss this one!!!

For you people attending the NAMM show in LA, Moa, Michelle and Frida are signing at the EMG booth at 2,30 on Friday, January 19th, and at the EV Booth January 20th, 2:30 pm.Be there and bring beer. Hope to see you crazy rockers there!!!

Forgot to buy Christmas presents??? Better late than never….We got some new badass Meldrum merch.Hot pink and black tshirts for the girlies, also some black tank tops. For the big boys, black Meldrum shirts. Send us an email and we’ll get you your order.

Happy new years and thanx for your support!

STAY HARD!!!!!!!

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