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January 18, 2007

Some people say ‘the cream rises to the top’, others say that ‘a bad penny always turns up’ . . . . Both sayings are true for Steevi Jaimz !!

The truth is . . . . he’s back !!

Along with long term partner in crime Ace Finchum on drums, the pair have forged a partnership with the Swedish song writing and production duo of Chris Laney and Anders Ringman (Zan Clan, CrashDiet). Many air miles have been racked up in the process and the result is a collection of songs that captures both the attitude of the best parts of the glam metal scene backed up with the lasting quality of strong memorable songs.

The line up is as impressive as the new material, consisting of Steevi on Vocals, Ace on drums along with Joacim Sandin on Bass (Bai Bang) and Trashi Benzi (Dead Famous) and Vic Zino (Crazy Lixx) on guitars.

So what’s next? The band are ready to face 2007 with the release of a new cd later in the year and live shows and festival appearances both in the UK and Europe.

As they say . . . . ‘You can’t keep a good man down’ !!

Steevi Jaimz Band

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