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January 23, 2007

Dear all our hardcore US fans and friends.

It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I must announce KID EGO will not be able to make it to the USA next month and tour. The US Embassy in London has mis-filed the P1 Visa applications for the band members, crew and management. Attempting to re submit the applications has drawn the attention of the Homeland Security Department casuing a delay that may last upto 3 months. A legal solution is being pursued but at this point a timely rectification is out of the question. With this in mind ABF musician management and Rock revolution records Ltd have been forced to push the 2007 USA tour back to september/october of 2007. We the band, our management and US crew are devestated by the news.

We want to make it quite clear to all our US fans who have been counting down the days until the tour, that the US tour is NOT cancelled and only POSTPONED. We are now only more determined to make the tour even bigger! and better! so fear not guys a little patience and I promise KID EGO will blow your heads off closing your summer with a bang!

If all our US fans could spread the word we would very much appreciate it! and remember dont let this news get you down man. Having even more time to prepare can only make this tour even more kick ass! the jagarmeister always tastes better in september! remember that!

Keep rocking guys and get some more cities and venues posted to us and we’ll come and play!

Ignite the tide motherfuckers. We love ya

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