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January 23, 2007

“Angel of my dreams” is their current single off the “Hellraiser” album. They met their “Guardian Angel” in form of their female bus driver through Sweden during the band’s current extensive European Tour. A new bus driver took over in Oslo/Norway and the “Guardian Angel” pointed out that the weight distribution in the bus and trailer was unbalanced and made sure that equipment was shifted accordingly before them taking off from Oslo via Denmark on their way to Hamburg Germany.

The band had looked forward to a day of rest on the 22nd of January on their day off. And then it happened without warning. Outside Rodby, south of Copenhagen/Denmark, a car slid into a truck. Trying to avoid a collision with the tour bus and the small car, the tour bus driver hit the back of a steel truck with the front window shattering and slid into the railing of the highway on the icy highway instead. If there would not have been the railing, the bus would have overturned.

It was a miracle that no one was seriously hurt. Just some cuts & bruises (which adds to the image of a hard rock band, I guess!). The musicians exited the tour bus through a side window. Tony and Stefan helped the tour bus driver to exit the bus through the driver’s door. His leg was jammed between steering wheel and body of bus.

The tour bus company sent right away a new bus to drive the band safely to Hamburg, so they could get some rest and their rattled nerves calmed down. Our tour manager Carlo and crew stayed with the damaged bus to make sure that equipment was transferred properly and ready for the show today in Hamburg/Germany.

“The show must go on”, as they say in show business. And we are sure that KROKUS will give an awesome show in Hamburg and the concert stops that follow. After all, they can thank their lucky stars and their “Swedish Angel Tour Bus Driver”. This could have ended up really ugly.

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