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January 30, 2007

What’s new with CRY ENVY some of you may be wondering where the HELL we’ve been. It seems so Fuckin long since we played a Gig. We’re all ITCHIN’, so I figured I’d let everyone in on what’s going on.

What is on tap for NEXT Month – FEB. We enter the studio to Record our Second CD “WELCOME TO MY HOUSE” we have 10 songs ready or will be ready after this coming week. with possiblities of 1 or 2 others. Currently the 10 we have for the disc are;

1. Welcome to my house
2. Up to no good
3. How could I
4. It’s all about you
5. Outlaw
6. You on me
7. Looking for a goodtime
8. Action
9. Ain’t got the time
10. Get a little naughty

There is some wiggle room for a couple of other’s time permitting.

We have chosen Jeff Northrup’s Studio after going to a number of Local Studio’s in town. We got the best feeling as we talked with Jeff (he’s a really great guy, and we look forward to entering the studio with him).

As far a Up-coming Shows – we have a lot of possibilities Some that have yet to be confirmed but we’re hoping to get.

Saturday – March 17th – Live in Downtown Modesto (we’ve been asked to do it and we’ve agreed just waiting on the details)
July 28th – Los Angelos, CA – The 2007 CRUEFEST @ The Whiskey a go-go (We have our stuff to those in charge and just waiting for a Yes or No?) – (Get intouch with those guys and let them know you want us invovled. Look to our top 24 they’re on there under CRUEFEST.)

We are also Looking to do some shows around Town around the end of MARCH and on.

We also have some Record interest over in Europe, so we are scouting out the options currently. A Tour of Europe my be on the horizon for us this year as well. We also would like to hit Canada and every part of the U.S. that we can. So Stay tuned for more info

Take care and we’ll see you this year.

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