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January 30, 2007

We want to wish all of our fans a very happy new year, and we want to thank those who really helped the band out in 2006. First off, to our tour manager and close friend, Danny Stanton: we truly appreciate everything you have done to keep the Twisted Sister train moving forward, along with our road crew: Duane Lozada, Jimmy Gregorek, Denny McNerney, Johnny Frederickson and Eddie Meade.

One year ago this week, we were looking at each other, wondering what would happen in 2006. While the idea for the Christmas CD was rolling around in our heads, we hadn’t really thought about what it would truly take to make it a reality. Over the last four years of the reunion, January has always been the most interesting month. Offers for summer festivals don’t come in until around March, and we always wonder if the current year will be bigger than the previous. After 2005, we could not imagine what 2006 would look like. In April, we began pre-production for the Christmas CD, without a record label, and with no show offers. Then, as has been the case for the last four years, offers started pouring in. The reality of recording and completing a Christmas CD by the end of August, coupled with the desire to take advantage of several huge festivals, started to make the summer of 2006 look like the greatest challenge of our career. In addition to this, Billboard Magazine offered the band a 30th anniversary issue, and we were notified about our induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. Festivals from around the world kept calling: Spain, Belgium, Greece, England, Canada, and Bulgaria. (and even a couple in the United States) The challenge then became, how do we do everything? We did 98% of all that we wanted to accomplish! Looking back, the only dates we canceled were festivals in Belgium and a couple of shows in the UK. What was the outcome of all this? Perhaps the greatest year in the history of Twisted Sister.

The highlights included:

  • Headlining our fourth major festival in Spain
  • Being asked to headline Athens, Greece for the second year in a row (no band has ever done this)
  • Billboard Magazine 30th Anniversary Special
  • Induction into Long Island Music Hall of Fame
  • Breaking the all-time outdoor attendance record in Quebec, Canada (80,000 people)
  • Headlining the largest Bulgarian rock festival
  • And if that wasn’t enough – The release of “A Twisted Chsirstmas”

    Reaction to the album, both critically and commercially, far surpassed anything we ever had a right to imagine. In fact, it did something that we absolutely did not believe COULD happen. It put Twisted Sister back into the headlines, and on-demand, at a level which rivaled our peak years (1984/1985). Along with the Christmas album’s immense sales, television exposure in the US and Canada made Twisted Sister a household name once again. Nothing we thought about one year ago could have prepared us for what 2006 ultimately brought. Now the million dollar question: Where do we go from here? The answer is…2007 will finally see the release of at least one new Twisted Sister DVD. This DVD will encompass all of the MTV videos from the 80’s, the legendary UK Tube performance (which helped secure the band a record deal), and a one hour television special taped in San Bernardino, California, which aired on MTV in 1985. Ideas for a second documentary DVD are being kicked around by filmmaker Andy Horn, which deal with Twisted Sister’s club days from 1973 to 1982. This will include archival, never-before-seen footage, and interviews with many of those involved with us during that period. On the performance side, as is the January standard, no offers have been made, and we have not committed to any dates.

    Stay tuned….

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