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February 5, 2007

In a couple days, I leave for Russia for a few show dates! It’s been insane for me getting ready for Russia and finishing up my next solo CD at the same time.

The new disc is almost done and I would describe it as a hybrid between ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Sunstorm’. ‘Sunstorm’ recieved more positive reviews than any of my solo CDs since ‘Rescue You’ so I felt that the fans wanted to hear more music in this melodic rock vein. So… I think we delivered on this forthcoming album!

Late May/early June I head to Japan to do some gigs with another RAINBOW alumnus, Graham Bonnet! He’s an excellent singer and his band ALCATRAZZ rocks! I am back with Akira Kajiyama and my Japanese ‘Usual Suspects’ musicians so it should be a great time all around!!

There is talk of the MOTHER’S ARMY albums being re-released. I will keep you posted on that. I know so many of you liked those concept albums and appreciated the sophistication and musicianship on that project.


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