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February 7, 2007

Film maker Adam Fell is putting together a documentary about former AC/DC member Mark Evans and Buffalo singer Dave Tice.

Tice & Evans have a residency at Sydney’s Bridge Hotel in Rozelle. Their show on February 16 will be shot as a part of the documentary.

“Adam did some work at Channel 31. He makes a lot of short films and wanted to put something about us together,” Mark Evans tells Undercover News. “He was a bit of a fan and saw something in the story of Dave and myself so he is putting this together for the Montreal Film Festival”.

So far, Fell has filmed three or four shows and next stop is the Bridge Hotel. “We chose the Bridge Hotel for the final shoot as it’s our home ground. The owner, Richard Keough, has been unbelievably supportive, we are now in the 9th year of our residency, he says. “Adam will shoot us ‘warts and all. He is also filmed us at The Rocks and the street party I have in my street at Lilyfield”.

Hang on a sec, run that by me again..former AC/DC bass player Mark Evans performs for his neighbors? “We block off the street and Dave & myself perform on the porch of my house every Christmas,” Mark says. In fact, they have done it for the last seven years.

The Sydney suburb of Lilyfield is rich in celebs. “Ian Moss lives around the corner, Jimmy Little nearby,” he says. “So does opera singer Joan Carden”.

Tice & Evans started performing together in the mid 80’s as The Head Hunters. “Dave put together the band with Mick Cocks from Rose Tattoo,” he says. “We’ve been doing the acoustic thing together for 9 years”.

The setlist could include anything from the past. “We’ve messed around with AC/DC. We’ve done ‘Jailbreak’,” he laughs. They also play songs from Tice’s past with Buffalo, the Count Bishops and his solo works.

AC/DC fans can look forward to Evans biography this year. He says the first draft should be finished in March.

Fans wishing to attend the documentary show filming should head to the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle in Friday, February 16th. “Hostilities will commence around 6pm-ish and go late if the other shoots are any indication; a film producer by the name of Adam Fell is in control, poor misguided soul” he says.

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