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February 7, 2007

We were recently approached by the charity ‘RAINBOWS CHILDREN’S HOSPICE’ in Leicestershire, to headline a rock concert in aid of raising money for a building where terminally ill children and families can enjoy the normal things in life we take for granted.

Having accepted the opportunity, we believe more can be done to make this challenge a success. Therefore after a group discussion we have decided to record the cover ‘HAIR OF THE DOG’ by legends in their own right ‘NAZARETH’ and release the song as a single with all the proceeds going straight to ‘Rock for Rainbows’
The legendary rockers Nazareth have fully backed KID EGO’s mission and they will be performing backing vocals on the track set to be recorded in the next few weeks!

Music makes my world go round.
It gets me out of bed, It sends me to sleep.
Imagine a life without music!
Its one of the beautiful things in life we are privileged to share and enjoy.

I want you to think about what your life would be like without music?
It’s easy to ignore the harsh realities of lives of others when we’re so fortunate to spread our wings and fly down the path of a beautiful melody or dance our able feet to the rhythm of a drum.

These kids deserve to live a life as normal as possible, They deserve the simplest of privileges like listening to their favourite bands at a decent volume, watching films together, playing games and sports with each other and their families.

I’m confident all the ego maniacs and rock fans across the globe will agree on this and support us in making this adventure a big success. We need all our street teamers and fans on board! Stay tuned for the announcement of which song we will be covering, recording dates and release dates. Come down to the concert on April 28th and rock the fuck out for the cause!

Yours in love and music
Zakk Taylor

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