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February 8, 2007

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Adult clothing and accessory manufacturer I Love Vagina has big plans in store for 2007. In January, ILV announced a new line of metal and silver accessories co-designed by Novelli Creations. The two companies began collaborating on the new line after meeting last year at the Ozzfest summer music tour, where they were both vending.

“I met Riccardo Novelli at an Ozzfest show when he was delivering products for Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society,” said ILV owner Drew Fin-Kelson. “He said he had a vision of how he could make the I Love Vagina line even better. He wasn’t kidding–Riccardo is the real deal when it comes to making metal products…I was stoked he believed in our brand name.”

Novelli Creations is known in the music industry for its quality jewelry and silver merchandise. The company has branded products for bands such as Godsmack and Metallica. ILV will be displaying the new accessories next week along with its full product line at the Magic Show in Las Vegas, where it will share a suite with Novelli and Rockstar Watches.

ILV also confirmed this week that it will again be on tour with Ozzfest for the entire duration of the 25-city, 2007 summer tour, which kicks off July 7 in Los Angeles. The announcement came days after ILV learned that Ozzfest admission will be free this summer as a thank-you to the fans who have supported the fest for 12 years.

“You kinda have to be invited to be on Ozzfest unless you’re a huge corporate sponsor,” states Fin-Kelson. “I was personally asked to do the tour by Sharon [Osbourne, wife of Ozzy Osbourne] three years ago. After checking it out, I signed up and did the show last year. This is our second year touring with them, and its great exposure because it gets the brand name to over a million people.”

At present, ILV is the only adult vendor to confirm participation in the tour. In July 2006, ran a pictorial on the Women of Ozzfest but has no affiliation with the 2007 tour.

“I want to thank the Osbournes for believing in us for the last couple of years,” Fin-Kelson continued. “This is a tough industry to get market share in now, and, luckily, they believe we have a very iconic name. Basically, ILV makes bands seem cooler, and since I played in a band and toured for 15 years, I really get the audience.”

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