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February 8, 2007

Canadian metal band SNAKE EYES SEVEN are preparing to wreak havoc worldwide with their mind crushing self titled debut. The band met with their label CHAVIS RECORDS last month in Arizona to cinch up the details for the release and tour preparations. S.E.S are currently talking to several promoters to secure available slots on various tours across Canada, Europe and the U.S. The bands massive stage show leaves no stone unturned and is sure to tantalize metal audiences globally. S.E.S features Daniel Nargang on vocals/guitar (Into Eternity), Victor Langen on bass (Kick Axe), Cole Stevens on guitars (Wrathchild), and Johnny Bland on drums/percussion.

SNAKE EYES SEVEN has recently launched their new website at New S.E.S merchandise will be arriving soon!

The new SNAKE EYES SEVEN release is distributed in the U.S. nationwide through BCD Music Group in Spring 2007 and will be featured in major chains and online stores. Additional territory release dates including Europe, Japan and South America will follow shortly. The European, Japanese and South American releases will have an additional bonus track included. Special U.S. preorders are now being taken now – click here.

Snake Eyes Seven

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