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February 12, 2007

I need to acknowledge some of the hardest of hard core Aerosmith fans who went way above the call. A few months ago when I was still feeling kind of wiped out they made me a really cool get well gift. It’s a huge scrapbook where every page is a handmade tribute to the band. Specifically each page is a get well wish done for me to the nth degree. The pages are full of photos and hand made graphics that must have taken each person hours upon hours to finish. I think that’s the most moving part, thinking of how much time and effort was put into making it. I really appreciate it and it was a nice thing to receive just as the long gray winter was beginning.

There were so many people involved in this I can’t name them all for fear of leaving someone out. Winona Clements was the name on the return address so I am going to assume she had a lot to do with organizing the whole thing. But I want everyone who participated to know that I was blown away when I opened the package and looked at it. Every page is a really nice piece of artwork and maybe someday there will be a way to display it so others can see it.

The band is getting ready to go back on the road to some places we haven’t been to in a really long time. In April we’re heading to South America. We’ll be heading to some other places that will be announced soon so hang tight. It’s been too long and we’re looking forward to making up for lost time. We remember well how intense the fans were the last time we were down there. It was almost scary but it’s a big part of why we’ve been wanting to come back.

We’re doing our first tour of Europe in about a decade. Don’t ask me how all this time went by so fast. All I know is how ready we are to come and make up for it. We’re going to have to have a major band meeting to make sure we remember to include all the stuff we’ve been doing all these years. We’ll have to brainstorm and make sure we don’t forget anything.

It feels really good to be up and running and looking forward to going on the road. It’s still very weird to think about missing a whole last tour. It was a strange experience. Many times I felt like I needed to be out there with the unit pulling my weight but now I can savor what we’re about to do. We’ve got a busy year coming up. After the European tour (and stay tuned to AF1 for more shows being announced) we take a short break and then go back into the studio. We haven’t done a new album in a while and we really feel enthusiastic about showing everybody what’s on our musical mind.

Thanks again to all the people who sent me the awesome scrapbook.

We’ll see you out there!


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