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February 12, 2007

Good news – the new Hanoi Rocks album is coming along very nicely! Last week we had an amazingly productive preproduction-rehearsal-studio-session: in just 3 days we came up with 16 (sixteen!) really good songs, so now we’ve got well over 20 song ideas for the new album. And the best thing of all is that every band member, including Lacu is contributing to the writing and we’re really actually working on the songs together as a band.

Now that’s a dream come true, that only happens once in a blue moon.

So, as planned, we’re releasing a single/ep before the summer and the glorious entire album will be released in the fall, 2007.

I think this will be the Hanoi Rocks album of all time, that will redefine the band’s sound and attitude in the best possible way in this day and age!

So rest assured – there’s lots to look forward to in the future with Hanoi Rocks!

Love, Peace, Rock & Respect,

* Michael Monroe * / * Hanoi Rocks *

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