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February 14, 2007

Hi Everyone… Be sure to check out Aerosmith’s new version of “Back in the Saddle” as the theme song for Nascar on ESPN; it should be debuting at the end of February. It was recorded by Marti Frederiksen, and mixed by me.

I’ve also worked on a track called “Home” produced by Marty Frederiksen from Katherine McPhee’s new CD that’s currently out, along with Rockstar INXS’ Marty Casey’s and Suzie McNeill’s music. I recently just finished mixing the band, Brand New Sin’s radio single “See The Sun” on Century Media and Cinder Road’s new CD on EMI; Cinder Road’s record will be out by May 2007, and they are currently on tour with Daughtry.

My band Generation Beautiful also has a live record coming out April 6th on Interline Records. You can purchase it through iTunes, Napster, Rapsidy, and most other online music stores.

Thanks for your support!
Anthony Focx

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