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February 24, 2007

It seems that the two bands calling themselves Faster Pussycat are clawing at each others throats. The other day Taime Downe posted the following message regarding Brent Muscat touring Europe under the Faster Pussycat moniker:

“Faster Pussycat is NOT playing Europe in April & May. That is Brent Muscat doing his FP tribute band, playing my songs. We will be on tour in the US in May and Europe in the summer. Sorry it you already bought tickets.

See you soon fuckers! 😉

PS… message to Brent: I didn’t want it to turn into this… but I started the band, not you…. I wrote the songs, not you. I did the work…. NOT YOU!!!…. but that’s you, always taking credit that’s not yours!!!”

Today Brent Muscat responded to Taime and the fans, claiming to represent ‘just the facts’:

“There seems to be some confusion.

I legally own the name Faster Pussycat and have been a member of the bandsince it’s inception in 1986.

In 2000 Taime made an awful remix cd. It was not until Greg Steele and Ithreatened him with legal action that we were paid and invited to join ourown band.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with oral cancer. The band which I had been part offor 20 years all of a sudden replaced me and lied about my condition.I was very hurt that Taime never bothered to call me once.

As a result of Taime’s drunken and erratic performances, the price forFaster Pussycat live performances plummeted and fans have voiced theirdispleasure.

I decided I would attempt to reunite the band to commemorate our 20thanniversary. I invited both Greg and Taime, (which is more then he did forme) but neither responded.

I felt that the fans should hear the songs as they were recorded one finaltime. So together with original members Eric Stacy and Brett Bradshaw, FasterPussycat will tour Europe and beyond. Every show is 90 minutes of allclassic tracks. No re-mixes, No B.S.!!!!!

I’ve been through too much to sit home and wait for Taime.I’m happy to say I kicked cancer’s ass and as long as I own the name, therewill only be one Faster Pussycat this year.3/5 rule!

P.S. is back up!!
More to come……..

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