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February 26, 2007


HOLLYWOOD – Marc Ford, who has sold millions of albums worldwide and played in front of more than 50 million people across the globe, will impact the airwaves with his first solo album Weary and Wired March 13th [Blues Bureau Records]. Weary and Wired features Ford on guitars & vocals, Mark “Muddy”Dutton on bass and Doni Gray on drums.

Former Black Crowe’s blues-guitar guru has delivered an extraordinary album full of Classic Rock-soaked riffs, bluesy based crunch with Southern Rock twang. “My influences go way beyond as I do not play nor do I listen to rock,” explains Ford. “What influences my playing is folk, blues, jazz, gospel, country, reggae and the list goes on…” Weary and Wired is a significant recording showing Ford’s strength as a singer/songwriter, fueled by large doses of his phenomenal guitar work that brings to mind such masters as Clapton, Hendrix and Beck.

Ford’s first record was with CBS’ renowned retro blues rockers Burning Tree in the late 1980’s. Burning Tree’s self-titled debut album was a much-heralded debut among guitar aficionados and led to Ford being asked to join The Black Crowes.

Ford put his stylized guitar stamp on the Black Crowes’ second record “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion,” which went to number one on the Billboard charts, eventually going double platinum. Ford continued recording and touring with the band through their next two releases, 1994’s “Amorica” and 1996’s “Three Snakes and OneCharm” as well as making two additional records with the band, “Tall” and “band” which were recorded in the 90’s and were previously unreleased until 2006. In 2002 Marc had self released his first solo record “It’s About Time.” The album was never officially released but by Marcs personal efforts as well as Amazon and iTunes. He still plays the music live as many have said this to be one of their favorites.

In 2006 Ford put out a press release announcing that he had left the Crowes in order to protect his hard fought sobriety and that he had recently produced albums for emerging artists The Pawnshop Kings and Ryan Bingham.

Shortly after this announcement Ford reunited with his Burning Tree bandmates for three gigs at The king king in Hollywood, CA. Following the impromptu dates, Ford enlisted Doni Gray to be his bandmate, along with Muddy and son Elijah Ford, for his new studio album Weary and Wired. “This album is special,” explains Ford. “Burning Tree was my first signed band. We played for years when we were really young. We started in garage, got a deal and toured. This is the first time we’ve played together in 17 years – it felt natural and flowed.”

Weary and Wired is in store March 13th – For more information on go to or

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