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February 27, 2007

The past couple weeks I’ve been working on various art work projects, most notable being a big project for singer Robert Fleischman.

This will be my forth CD package rendering for him. I’ve been doing a few shows with my fun cover band here in L.A., The Exile Social Club.

I also did a few songs for a new Sarah Jessica Parker film with guitarist producer Brent Woods. The House Of Lords “Live” CD that we recorded November 2005 has finally been released through Frontiers Records. I also did created the CD package on this one.

Right now, I’m excited about getting back out on the road with Quiet Riot starting in March. The live “Rock Line” performance in January which went off amazing!! We played 30 minutes live to 90 terrestrial radio stations and mostly played songs from the new release, “Rehab”. We have a lot of shows coming up so check out for our schedule.

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