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March 7, 2007

Dudley was the last concert of the tour. So one by one each band performed their shows, at the same time experiencing typical “end of tour” pranks sponsored by the other two acts 🙂

Hammerfall’s Joachim, the lead singer, enjoyed talking over certain music breaks and playing a musical kiddies toy into the Poodles’ set!

During our set, he walked out on stage, followed by the rest of his band, bringing us beer and raising a toast before we went into “Rock City”! … very nice!

The Poodles and Krokus dismantled Anders’s drum-set in the middle of Hammerfall’s last song “Hearts On Fire”… and we all finished singing on stage together!

It was a real gas!!!

A bitter sweet “end of tour” feeling hung over the night as we toasted to a future repeat.

It was emotional for all band and crew members, parting our ways after two months of constant adventure throughout Europe together, bulldozing our way together thru’ thick & thin, with the same thing in mind … to bring our music “live” to our fans’ doorsteps and rock them hard … every single night!!!

And it really paid off because this package left a long- lasting mark in each and every one of the 31 cities we played, and is the most talked about event of 2007 so far!!! One awaits Tour-Reviews in the likes of “Rock Hard” and “Metal Hammer”, to mention just two of the media who attended Europe-wide!!!

A special BIG toast goes to our ever fighting heroes Carlo and Bruno “The Duo from Bern” alias “The Guiding Arrow” and “Kelly”, for their outstanding performances “in the face of all odds” 🙂

Vladimir, our trusty driver, drove us back home to Switzerland after the gig, making one stop at Stansted Airport to drop off Thierry, our magnificent sound-engineer, and our new soul-mates The Poodles, on the way to the Ferryboat waiting in that rainy Dover Harbour!

Rock On,

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