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March 9, 2007

I just finished the BX3 tour–three bass players; myself, Jeff Berlin & Stu Hamm. We had a blast & played all across the USA. I hope we can do it again soon.

I’m in Italy right now, writing songs for my next CD (among other things) which I will record when I return. 2006 was an amazing year–I opened for the Stones in Japan w/ Richie Kotzen, played w/ Steve a lot, did a tour in Europe w/ Tony MacAlpine & Virgil Donati called “The Devil’s Slingshot” (going again in October of this year), did a bunch of Niacin shows–NYC, LA, Mexico, Japan & more, the “Amazing Journey” – a tribute to The Who w/ Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert, & Gary Cherone (we had an incredible time!), the first BX3 tour in USA and Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, & Taiwan), and much much more.

I have so many people to thank–mostly everyone who came out to a show. Live music is the most important thing to me, and I’m very thankful so many people came to hear me play in any configuration. I still spend an immense amount of time fine tuning my playing. learning more new stuff, and figuring things out on bass. The adventure never ends!

If I’m appearing anywhere for anything–be it a show, clinic, seminar, jam, or just to hang–I’ll post any info about it here & on my website. Come on out if you can. OK–back to work for me!

I’ll do my best to answer as much email as possible. A reminder: emailing me here at MySpace is unreliable at best. Go to and click “email me”. I get it & I read it personally.

Take care!

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