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March 10, 2007

Internet Radio recently was struck a major blow by having the licensing rates, established by the RIAA and the CRB, raised to levels that will, for the most part, put Internet Radio out of business. By doing this, not only do the small internet radio stations suffer because they will no longer be able to record, but many more will feel the bite of this as well. Small record labels, like many of those that keep your classic rock and metal artists’ releases coming out and have been introducing many of you to smaller up and coming bands which then go on to become bigger bands (Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall comes to mind) were helped immensely by being heard on Internet Radio in their infancy. The bottom line to these changes is that the only people that will be able to broadcast on the Internet will be your corporate giants, like Clear Channel, AOL and CBS Broadcasting. If you are a supporter of the homogenized, corporate radio that you currently get on terrestrial radio, expect more of that on the Internet, as these rates will effectively kill your ability to hear non-corporate, non-standard and college radio on the Internet.

If you are an Internet Radio Fan or supporter, or are just willing to help the cause, please visit, read up on what’s going on, and notify your State Representative that you don’t agree with the raising of these rates and the attack on the small internet broadcasters of the world.

THIS WEEK ON YOUR CLASSIC METAL SHOW: A big show is in store this week. First and foremost, our good friend and ex-Mr. Big frontman Eric Martin is out and touring around with a brand new All-Star project called Scrap Metal. Chris is a huge fan of Eric’s, and since it’s been 3 years since he joined the show, the guys have reached out to Eric. He has agreed to come on the show and catch us up with an update on Scrap Metal, his solo work, TMG and many other things. We’re very excited to have the ever energetic vocalist on the show.

Additionally, our friends over at Chavis Records have a brand new project called Snake Eyes Seven. The project almost sounds like Black Sabbath with Black N’ Blue vocalist Jaime St. James on vocals. Their self titled debut will be featured in a New Music Listening Party, and we’re going to have someone from Snake Eyes Seven on the show as well.

Finally, some legends of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal have returned with a brand new killer album. Saxon is back with a new album called THE INNER SANCTUM, which will be featured on the show as well. It’s going to a full show, so tune in early and get rocked hard!

**NOTE** As you may have heard, our friend Flight passed away on 2/14. She was very down with the CMS and Internet Radio as a whole. She has small children that could use your help now that they are without a caregiver. If you are so inclined, please click the attached linke and donate a little something to help her children as they move forward with their lives! Click here.

Saturday, March 10th – New Music Listening Party For Saxon – THE INNER SANCTUM. New Music Listening Party For Snake Eyes Seven – SNAKE EYES SEVEN. Interview With Snake Eyes Seven. Interview with ex-Mr. Big Vocalist Eric Martin.

Saturday, March 17th – New Music Listening Party For Dominici – 03: A TRILOGY : PART 2. Interview With Charlie Dominici. New Music Listening Party For Winger – DEMO ANTHOLOGY. Interview With Winger Guitarist Reb Beach.

Saturday, March 24th – New Music Listening Party For Glenn Hughes – MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE. Interview With Glenn Hughes. New Music Listening Party For Manowar – GODS OF WAR.

Saturday, March 31th – New Music Listening Party For Chris Caffery – PINS AND NEEDLES. Interview With Chris Caffery.

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