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March 11, 2007

After more than four years with Helix, Jeff Fountain has decided to leave the band. Jeff is also the bass player for London-based Bobnoxious, whose new CD Rockaholics is fast taking off. The band is doing so well, in fact, that it became impossible for Jeff to commit to both projects, and he decided to step aside. All of us in Helix wish Jeff the best of luck-we’ll miss him. Ironically Jeff will be just finishing up touring in western Canada with Bobnoxious when we’ll be coming out at the end of May. Hope everyone comes out to support both bands.

Replacing Jeff is Paul Fonseca. Paul is a welcome addition to the band. Paul is a versatile and skilled player who has played with both Rick and Ned for 8 years. A life long musician, Paul has played in some of the coolest Toronto area bands while paying his dues. He has also worked with several recording artists, ie. Honeymoon Suite. A talented vocalist as well as a powerful stage performer, Paul currently enjoys performing in a number of diverse groups including Sandman. Welcome aboard Paul!

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