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March 12, 2007

Perris Records recording artist Adrenaline Factor was included in the “current crop of promising Austinbands” in this months issue of SPIN magazine.

The rush of rock-n-roll can be powerfully addictive and with Adrenaline Factor at the wheel, its sure be a white-knuckle ride. Fueled by high-octane riffs and boozy bad-boy lyrics howled by Lee “Bon” Scott, Adrenaline Factor”s self titled debut is a tire-screeching soundtrack for cruising and carousing. Songs like “Wrong Number” and “Boozin Susan” ratchet up the voltage of AC/DC while “Seven Beer Bitch” echoes with a Van Halen-esque guitar shuffle. “No Warning” and “Hook Slide” feature slippery bottleneck blues that recall faint strains of Led Zeppelin and “Bad Habit” launches into mid-song whiplash thrash.The steamrolling album opener “Ride” was tracked by radio watchdog as it shot to the NUMBER ONE current release on Austin”s KLBJ FM radio. Formed in 2006 and quickly picked up by Perris Records, the band has already begun to receive national attention.The band is the brainchild of guitarist Paul Lidel following storied stints with major-label acts, Dangerous Toys and Dirty Looks.

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