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March 13, 2007

Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony said there were no hard feelings they were not included on Van Halen’s planned summer tour with David Lee Roth, which is now in shambles. “I totally encourage the thing with Dave,” Hagar said. “If Van Halen has any move they should do for the fans right now, it’s to do a reunion with Dave.” Added Anthony of the absent Roth, “I was waiting for him to come busting through at some point during the speech.”

“If we all grew up, including me, maybe all of us could do it together,” Hagar said of future Van Halen touring. “I’m down with that.” He added, “I planned on taking this year off and just hanging with my family. I haven’t done that for a long time. [But] I will tour from my birthday in October through next year.”

Velvet Revolver performed in place of Van Halen and without Roth. Frontman Scott Weiland explained the ensuing controversy: “We were asked to perform. Kinda what happened was, he wanted to sing the song ‘Jump.’ We felt from an artistic standpoint, and I’m being totally honest with you, that it wasn’t a song we felt comfortable with. We don’t have keyboards. To bring a keyboard on stage wouldn’t work for us. We said we’d do “Jamie’s Cryin'” or “You Really Got Me,” and he was adamant that wasn’t okay.”

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