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March 18, 2007

After what has been an epic journey, our new CD entitled So Far will soon be available through CD Baby and several other online mediums. Please be so kind to stop by once in a while to preview a few tracks and check with CD Baby (see link) around March 25th . We are confident that the first batch will sell out, so please be patient as we are securing multi medium distribution deals! We thank and appreciate your time and support.

If you live in or near Sacramento Ca, we ask that you call 98 Rock and request the local rock station to play our music, the more the better. Tour dates coming soon!!

All the best, play loud!!!

Jimmy Tuttle – Vocals, Guitars
Sikki Lynne – Bass
Mark Miner – Guitars
Flash – Drums

Vamp Le Stat (A.K.A. – VLS) , Born in Sacramento in the early 90’s plays radio friendly rock for Hard Rock fans of all ages. Their early CD’s have charted all over Europe in the 90’s and head considerable success in the late 90’s. The band has enjoyed tons of sold out shows with National acts and has played their share of outdoor events in the summers. The band’s sound is derived from Dark beginnings of Vamp Le Stat’s early days which were very gothic influenced in their nature. Some say they were recreating the character from a famous vampire book chronicle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The first CD entitled “BloodLine” was critically acclaimed and was distributed internationally and welcomed by all audiences as a new and fresh sound to the hard rock scene of the late 80’s and early 90;s. The band was given its name in the late 80’s by friend’s who jokingly called them the “Vampires of Sacramento”.

Realizing this would be a tough sell, they quickly decided to mask the name of the band with a language barrier. The first CD features tracks of Keifer as Michael from the lost boys and some very gothic overtones. The follow-up went in a decidedly different direction. Fueled by the success of bands like Skid Row and Guns-n-Roses, the band decided to drop the makeup and go for a predominantly trashier look.

The band lived in a warehouse in Sacramento with a fitting title “The Bat cave” where mayhem, debauchery and wretched excess prevailed. The band wrote and rehearsed for the follow-up to Bloodline in the warehouse for 8 months before finishing the recording which would be the CD “Basement Tapes”. These songs were the compilation of work from the band in very rock roll lifestyle time that was taking its toll on band members and a change in direction was what they needed. Guitarist Jeff Jones and Brian Boozer departed the band to follow solo careers and a search was underway to replace the guitarist. A local guitar instructor name Mark Miner was a long time friend and was tapped to join the band as guitarist. The Bassist chosen to fill the shoes of Boozer was Sikki Lynne. He brings a unique style and presence to the band.The band lived in the warehouse and rehearsed together for 6 months before recording the follow up to “Bloodline” with a raw and edgy thriller entitled “Filth” – featuring an airbrushed masterpiece as the cover art of the band in their live habitat. The band sold out a national club tour and sold thousands of CD’s and played to all of the major record companies throughout the 90’s. The band recorded multiple sessions for the follow-up to “Filth” and in 2000 release “The Basement Tapes.”, than band decided to go in a different direction musically for a few years while exploring a decidedly more “stripped down” sound and decided to try and recreate the energy of the early days. After several years of writing hundreds of songs, the band decided to “Go with what we know!” We grew up playing radio friendly rock and the sounds on the airwave and all around us were still evolving. We spent from summer of 2003 writing for the album we recorded. The new CD “So Far” is the best material we have done to date. A very polished sound and a maturity in our songwriting that shows evolution! The songs are mature and the album is ready for prime time. The band has reinvented itself and is ready to meet the world in the radio rock world of today.


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