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March 19, 2007

Meat Loaf has come under fire for allegedly groping his backing singer and leaving bruises. The star’s latest sidekick, Aspen Miller, has come out in defense of the rocker after fans linked the bruises on her legs to Meat Loaf’s enthusiastic stage routine, in which he fondles the singer’s breasts.

She says, “They (fans) all thought he was grabbing me too hard. I didn’t want to tell them it was from a tambourine. I had banged up my hand, so I switched to banging the tambourine on my leg. Then my whole thigh was covered in bruises.”

The bruises aside, Miller has no gripes about becoming Meat Loaf’s onstage sex toy. She adds, “It’s bizarre but it’s just another day at work. No one’s supposed to honestly believe that I’m Meat Loaf’s girlfriend.”

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