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March 19, 2007

The band are currently in Lost Boys studios in Bedfordshire, UK recording with co-producer Nick Mailing….this album sees the band returning to their roots with a more varied selection of styles than ‘Well Oiled’..The as yet untitled album will be finished by the end of May with a late summer release…Songs recorded so far include; ‘Love this dirty town’, ‘One more for the road’, ‘Mona Lisa smiled’, ‘Take a look at yourself’, (‘She’s got the) dirt on me’, ‘Blackwater’, ‘Late nite saturday call’, ‘Fear within the lie’ …plus more to be recorded…Watch for an upcoming video clip…

Spike, Griff and Paul will be appearing on the celebrity panel of ‘Harvey live’ which will air after ‘Harvey Goldsmith presents’ on E4 on the 27th will also air on a later date on Channel 4..

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