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March 20, 2007

The making of “The Heroin Diaries” music has really been spiritually awaking.

DJ Ashba, James Michael and myself have basically played, written and produced everything on the album.

It’s like were standing on a cliff with our eyes shut, arms open and just falling. Extending ourselves in faith that someone will catch us, and relishing the freedom that comes from that place. It’s hard to put into words what its like to write music that’s been inspired by a book (that was my diaries) during the height of my drug addiction. Yes, it was 20 years ago, but it still somehow stings enough to bring out massive amounts of emotion. Some friends that have heard the music have said the music sounds sad, some say it sounds angry, some say spooky and others say it sounds like a celebration. I don’t know, maybe it’s all of the above and then some.

There is some exciting new adventures on the album, a Persian influenced song called ‘Girl With Golden Eyes’ and a ghoulish Godfather-ish track called ‘Intermission’. There’s the thumping pomp of ‘Drugs Scouts Of America’, ‘Van Nuys’ and ‘Came Here To Take Yer Money’, mixed between movie score sounding pieces like ‘X Mas In Hell’ and ‘Life After Death’. We can’t wait to share this album with the world.

Like I said, it’s been spiritually awaking, digging thru the muck of my past. I hope it helps someone as much as it has helped me. One thing I know about the book (as well as the album) is there will be as many who get it to enjoy the car crash as those who buy it for the car race. In the end, as long as it sells, it will drive awareness and money to the charity (Covenant House).

So in the end, it’s a win, win.


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