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March 25, 2007

Hanoi Rocks here, with a second studio report.

First of all, thanks to everyone here for the great response!

SO! We’ve been in the studio for another week now working on arrangements for the new songs. Working titles such as “Bumble Foot and Busy Bee” & “Oriental Bongo” etc are sounding BIG and strong and we’re indeeeeed buzzin’ over the fact that we are in the middle of makin’ one helluva album! Strong, catchy hooks and hard rockin’ riffs, just the way the doctor ordered it. The 1st single “In Fashion” turned out great too! Classic old school Hanoi Rocks style but with an updated sound.

A video is in the making as well and will be released with the single later in spring.

(Somebody asked about equipment; We’ll get back back to that question later. Right now, whatever’s loud enuff to make oneself heard is good!)

So there! That’s the moo’s for now.

Love and respect,
Hanoi Rocks

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