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March 30, 2007

Circus Of Power have announced a “20th Anniversary Show” in Los Angeles at The Knitting Factory on June 1st. The show will be the first in the Los Angeles area that the band has played since New Years Eve 2000/2001 when they reunited for one night to play the Troubadour.

In addition to Alex Mitchell (vocals), Ricky Beck Mahler (guitar), Ryan Maher (drums), and Marc Frappier (bass), the band will also be joined by guitarist/producer Daniel Rey (MASTERS OF REALITY, RAMONES), who produced the CIRCUS OF POWER albums “Vices”, “Still Alive” and the now-classic self-titled first LP that contained the MTV staples “Motor” and “Call of the Wild”. For this special “20th Anniversary Show”, the band will perform its self-titled debut in its entirety as well as choice selections from their 1990 (RCA) release “Vices” and “Magic & Madness” (Columbia, 1993).

In recognition of the newly announced L.A. show a new video clip of “Turn Up Them Jams” can be seen here

The clip captures the band playing with guitar player Phil Caivano (MONSTER MAGNET,BLITZPEER) at Dons Hills club in New York City. Last summer CIRCUS OF POWER played its first N.Y.C. show in over 12 years which was filmed for the upcoming long-form DVD, “Got Motor? Swamp Boogie In The Big City”. The DVD will include classic performances throughout the band’s career as well as new footage documenting the band’s “20th anniversary” shows in Austin, New York and now Los Angeles. A preview of director Drew Stone’s new film “Passion & Brotherhood”, featuring the band performing the song “Motor” with special guests The Cycle Sluts From Hell can be seenhere

The band also appears in the film from Austin, Texas performing “Heart Attack” as the soundtrack to the “Urban Street – Bike Warriors All-Star” segment. Live footage of the band is inter cut with the world’s top street motorcycle stunt riders, including Kyle Woods, Chris “Teach” McNeil and “Crazy” Dan Jackson.

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