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March 31, 2007

Here’s a sneak peek at our new Big Cock video for our song “Ride On Me” which is going to make it’s official World Premier on the Hair Ball John show tomorrow, April Fools day……..

I’ve been given the green light by the guys over at Driver Wild Records to let you guys get to see it here first:

This was filmed last month at our first Club Sleaze show, and really gives you a feel for how much fun we’re having rocking the joint.

Our first video for “Real Man” has broken over 36,000 plays between the “Clean” and “Milky” versions – and the number of views is growing by 500 or more views a day!

Big Cock videos are the gift that keeps on giving!

We now have a national distribution for our CD’s so first two CD’s are in a store near you…..if you don’t have one, PICK ONE UP – Dammit!

We’re just starting to record our third album, and the goal is to make Big Cock harder than ever!

For all you Pulverizer fans, I did an interview last month with Skid from There are a ton of vintage photos of Dave and I from years past. The whole long story is at

Stop by my personal page for even more goofy stuff about my exploits in the studio and in Hollyweird.

I want to thank you all for sharing your love of Big Cock with all you meat!

Rock Hard, Rock OFTEN!
John – the Pulverizer the Hardest Band in the Land!

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