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April 5, 2007

Former KISS guitarist MARK ST JOHN passed away this morning of a brain hemorrhage. He was 51. Mark replaced KISS guitarist VINNIE VINCENT in 1984, only to shortly thereafter develop Reiters Syndrome, a form or arthritis, which left his hand too swollen at times to play guitar. Mark played on all but one of the tracks of the 1984 Animalize album. On the subsequent tour his condition had deteriorated and was only able to play 1 full and 3 partial shows. BRUCE KULICK was called in as a temporary guitarist to play the remainder of the partial sets as well as the rest of the tour. Mark’s condition was not improving and sadly had to soon step down to have Kulick take his place permanently on December 8,1985.

His musical career not over, Mark later formed the band White Tiger in 1986 and then interestingly enough teamed up with former KISS drummer PETER CRISS to record a demo in 1990. A self-produced CD entitled the MARK ST JOHN Project was released in 1999.

Born Mark Norton in Anaheim California on January 7, 1956. He is survived by a younger brother and sister.

Mark truly was an incredible guitarist with amazing talent. Check out this video of him playing an acoustic guitar solo backstage at a Torpedo Girls gig. He will be greatly missed by his fans and is a great loss to the music world in general.

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