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April 6, 2007

U.D.O. just finished the video clip for the new U.D.O. single “The Wrong Side Of Midnight” (Release Date April, 27). The result is an outstanding video performance which will set a new standard for national metal video clips. The new full length album “Mastercutor” will be released on May, 18.

The clip story:

The story of the album title “Mastercutor” (Master Executor).A man that kept imprisoned since decades to be used for horrible experiments mutated to a creepy monster. The “Mastercutor”

One day, the Mastercutor escaped and started to show the world his evilness. He began to practice the same atrocities, that has been done to him under the eyes of the general public. The end of the story will stay open. In the final stages, the “Mastercutor” eats up an U.D.O. record and he closes the clip with a lot of open questions. From the 18th of May, the Mastercutor will continue to publish his messages through the new U.D.O. album.

The making of the video:

The clip was filmed in a closed tunnel section near Stuttgart which was constituted during the second world war. Danger was the thing to deal with in this place. So croppers, little accidents, abrasions and things like that were on the running order of this video shooting. Udo Dirkschneider himself was attacked by a flock of bats. (Is U.D.O. turning to Ozzy now?)Nevertheless, the whole team had a lot of fun at the shooting. The band members also had the chance to do some dance exercises with the sexy videogirl.

The artist effect:

A dark and shocking piece of music.It seems that you are in a Rob Zombie movie.Marilyn Manson meets comic villian plus a few influences of Prodigy’s “Firestarter” makes this video to one of the most outstanding german music videos.

Please check the pictures of the video shoot to get an appeal of “The Wrong Side Of Midnight”. Just visit:

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