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April 10, 2007

Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler has discussed the crippling affliction known as Lead Singer’s Disorder.

Lead Singer’s Disorder, or LSD, is the result of disproportionate attention placed on the lead singer in a rock band. Speaking to ‘Mojo’ magazine, Tyler explained his ongoing battle with the condition, and how it has affected his relationship with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton.

“You know, I go out into the street and everyone comes over and asks me for my autograph, but they don’t go over to Tom,” Tyler said. “And his wife hates me (for it). What the f**k’s up with that? It’s not my fault. I’ve got lead singer’s disorder – LSD as Jimmy Page puts it.”

It would seem that another symptom of LSD is the obligation to criticise fellow LSD sufferers, with Tyler singling out Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher for what he perceives as onstage apathy. He criticised Gallagher for looking consistently bored whilst performing, adding, “When he gets home he doesn’t continue to kick the imaginary wires on the floor, does he?”

With limited public understanding surrounding the disorder, as well as a lack of professional support programs, LSD sufferers look set to continue their lonely battle for some time yet.

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