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April 12, 2007

Oh, what should have been!

Here it is (listen at – the unreleased Adler’s Appetite original single SADDER DAYS featuring Steven Adler doing what he does best – kicking ass on the drums!

The music for this tune was composed by the wickedly talented Keri Kelli, who also engineered and produced the venture. Listen to that fucking guitar! Was Keri perfect for Adler’s band or what? No wonder he is the number one guitar hero for hire! He’s about to embark on a world tour with original shock rocker Alice Cooper! Check out the dazzling website Keri for tour dates and latest news!

The vocals and lyrics for ‘Sadder Days’ were performed and written by AA’s ultimate frontman Sheldon Tarsha, whose own band TARSHA is currently experiencing their own rise to fame with the heavy rotation of the hit single ‘Dirty’. Check it out for yourself at

Of course, this exclusive recording of SADDER DAYS also includes the inimitable bass talents of Robbie Crane as well!

Recorded in April 2005, this is just one of four songs of what would surely have been a rock n’ roll masterpiece! Enjoy!

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