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April 12, 2007

Hi everybody, the boys and I are currently in the studio working on “Lightening Strikes Again”and it should be out sometime in September. We will be playing various festivals this summer and we all hope you will make it to one of our shows in your area. I will post our tour dates as soon as they are confirmed. For those of you that have picked up our 1981 Live CD I hope you like it. I think it’s pretty cool and very punchy sounding considering it was recorded a zillion years ago. Also our “Unchain the Night” video is now out on DVD with three bonus videos as well as Mick and I doing commentary. Our commentary is pretty funny to watch. Mick was really on a roll that day. We will be going on tour in Europe in September and I will be posting those dates soon. I’ve been seeing a few blogs on the Internet lately that I got married, and although I do live with my girlfriend, neither one of us are fans of traditional marriage. So stop congratulating me!

About Mick. The rumors are FALSE!

No mick did not leave,, he’s touring with nugent this summer like he’s done for 2 summers nowhe’s coming into town tomorrow to start recording with us, he likes to play and when were not he goes out with uncle Tedso that’s it he’s still in Dokken,hes just trying to make a living.

Also, I’ll be the guest D J for an hour on this station.Metal Express Radio … it will be Friday, the 20th at 3 pm and 9 pm Central European Time (6 am and noon California time).

I hope to see you this summer out there at the shows. It should be a fun summer. See you soon!

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