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April 15, 2007

Tigertailz have posted the following update on their myspace page (

Well I’ve dropped in to give an update on day 6 of recording the new ‘Thrill Pistol’ album. We weren’t due to be in the studio until next Monday but the Tailz production guru Tim Lewis kindly took time out from his extremely busy schedule with Spiritualised to come and produce all the backing vocals with us. This was great news and we were al geared up to be in the studio togather today with some old frends ‘Jon Blood’, Dean Procter all helping with the backing vox to help create the massive Tailz sound under the direction on Tim.

Unfortunately though it was all to good to be true and I get a call first thing this morning telling me Pepsi’s been taken into hospital last night as he’s become unwell. I managed to speak to him briefly this morning and he sounded pretty washed out so couldn’t say much. I’m hoping to go in and see him tomorrow so I’ll let you know how he’s doing. Either way this was a real kick in the teeth as the new record is just starting to come together. We all send him our love and best wishes to get out of that place asap.

Although not feeling like it, we battled on today and completed backing vox on ‘Thrill Pistol’, ‘She’s So Wild’, ‘Twisted’, ‘Brain The Sucker’ and ‘Long Live The New Flesh’ and all sounded fantastic – the ‘One Man Gang’ Mr Jon Blood (Wild Pussy) did us proud and created the classic Tailz big chrous sound. I can’t wait for Pepsi to hear it.

Despite all the odds being stacked against us we’re making this record and it will be delivered to Sanctuary on time for release in September/October.

I’ll update as soon as I know more on Pepsi’s condition.

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